HAI4U iPad & iPhone App offers the following features:

The "Lights" icon allows you to control all the configured lighting in your home; further each light can be dimmed using the slider. You can see the real time status of each light. Communication between the application and the HAI Controller is "two-way".

The "Security" icon enables you to view the Room/Area wise status of all zones in your home; further it has predefined buttons such as Night, Day, Away, Night Instant, Day Instant, Vacation and Disarm. These buttons can be seen on the right side on the Security page.

The "Music" icon allows you to view status of an audio zone (room) and control audio room-wise. It is possible to Turn On/Off a particular room, Mute, Sources, Play/Pause, Previous/Next and Set Volume.The interface will show you the Track, Album and Artist Information of the track that is currently playing.

The "Comfort" icon enables you to control all the configured thermostats in your home; further it shows the current temperature of the room and provides the ability to set the mode (such as heat, cool or fan) and the temperature set points.

The "Events" at the bottom left / Center of the home page shows the current and most recent list of events. This feature can be used to track events such as security, who accessed the home and when as well as to monitor power or phone failure in the home.

The "Scenes" icon serves the same purpose as your HAI "Buttons".It allows you to execute scenarios that have been programmed and stored in the controller. Examples of such "Scenes" include Coming Home, Night, Party and Romance. Press and Hold the Scene button for a few seconds to activate the scene.

The "System Info" at the top of the screen include monitoring of the HAI Controller’s time, Battery Status, Sunrise and Sunset (based on the geographic location).

The "Settings" icon at the bottom right allows you to add a single HAI Controller or to add multiple HAI Controllers in the same HAI4U application.

The "Home Plan" icon allows you to control the lights of your home through the Floor Plan.Eloka has taken a lot of effort in order to reduce your burden to control your home through a Floor Plan from the User Interface without spending huge hours in programming. It has the ability to upload floor plans from your iPad’s photo library and choose lights and drag and drop them in the desired location.You may also zoom in / zoom out, rotate and change the light icons as well.